We Are Non Profit Organization

Mission and Vision: The Boka Baba Family Centre is dedicated to fostering healthy families within healthy communities. They strive to support individuals, families, and organizations through a wide range of services designed to enhance mental health, relationships, and overall well-being.

Values: The Boka Baba Family Centre values inclusivity and provides a safe space for people of all ages, cultures, ethnicities, experiences, gender expressions, gender identities, religions, and sexual orientations. They believe in the power of connection and community, aiming to unite people to support each other.

We Are A Strong Team

Community Involvement: The Family Centre collaborates with various community organizations, such as the Altview Foundation and the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton, to develop resources like the Online Safety Toolkit. They also acknowledge their presence on Treaty 6 territory and honor the Indigenous communities that have historically inhabited the land.

Impact: With over 20,000 people receiving services each year and a team of 250 dedicated professionals, The Family Centre has a significant impact on the Edmonton community. They serve over 100 corporate and government clients, providing essential services that promote care and healing.

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